The degree programme in fine arts encourages you to find your strengths and your individual means of expression and interests within art. It provides the opportunity for you to develop the core competencies and skills of an artist: to work independently, understanding your manifold role in the context of contemporary art and society.


In the 5.5 years of study, you will first complete a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree. First-year students begin their studies with a course called An introduction to independent artistic work and the subject areas, after which they choose their subject area. The Academy offers teaching in four subject areas: sculpture, painting, printmaking and time and space arts. The Time and Space Arts subject area has three specialisations: moving image, photography, or site and situation specific art.


Artistic work and related theory comprise the core of the studies. In addition to coursework in fine arts, students complete courses in exhibition studies, art history, art theory, philosophy, and languages.  The degree programme in fine arts offers several courses in English. Approximately 15% of students come from outside Finland, some of them for degree studies and some for exchange studies.


Students are encouraged to take courses from specialisations other than their own, within the limits of their study plan, and to engage in versatile artistic work using different media.

Programme in a nutshell:

  • Target degree: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts (BFA and MFA)
  • Scope of the degree: 210 + 120 credits
  • Teaching languages: Finnish, English, Swedish
  • Next time to apply: to Master’s studies on August 2018, to Bachelor’s and Master’s studies on January 2019

The subject areas in Degree Programme in Fine Arts are sculpture, painting, printmaking, and time and space arts. The time and space arts subject area has three specialisations: Moving Image, Photography, or Site and Situation Specific Art. Read more on each subject area below.

After graduating from the study programme in fine arts, you can work as a free artist or in various expert roles on the field of visual arts.


A master’s degree in fine arts makes you eligible for doctoral studies in fine arts.

The teaching staff of the Academy of Fine Arts is composed of distinguished artist-teachers who are actively involved in expert and reviewer responsibilities both in Finland and internationally. The instruction at the Academy is complemented by the expertise of its visiting professors, both Finnish and international. The visiting teaching staff hosts thematic workshops and special courses and their instruction offers the students opportunities for expanding their technical skills. Visiting teachers can also take on responsibilities of thesis supervisors, examiners and experts.

Tuition at the Academy of Fine Arts accentuates individual, one-to-one instruction that takes place in the student’s studio and in the common studio and work facilities. In the student’s own subject area, each student is appointed a tutoring teacher, who keeps a close eye on the student.

Through their expertise and professional networks, the teaching staff is able to introduce the students to the field of fine arts in Finland and internationally and also offers an excellent professional basis for working as an artist.

Master of Fine Arts Degree (2 years)

Master’s studies are organised in the following subject areas: Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, and Time and Space Arts (including Moving Image, Site and Situation Specific Arts, or Photography).

New students are selected to two-year Master’s studies in a separate Master’s admission every summer/autumn. The selected students will start their studies in next January. To the Master’s studies can be admitted applicants with an applicable lower university degree or other corresponding degree, artistic abilities demonstrated by the applicant and suitability for the Academy of Fine Arts’ studies leading to a Master’s degree, along with language proficiency demonstrated in the manner specified by the Academy. In the first phase, the assessment is based on the application, appendices and portfolio and, in the second phase, the interview and possible supplementary demonstrations of work.


The MFA application period is open between 14-28 August 2019, ending at 3 pm Finnish time. Selected students will start their studies in January 2020. The admission process is multiphase, please read the admission guide below: